10 Best Pool Cues For The Money 2019

Best Pool Cues For The Money

If you’re playing pool for virtually any amount of time, you have probably already figured out what sort of pool cue will be most appropriate for you. If you’re passionate about pool and are fed up with playing with the home cue, the following thing you are going to be thinking is to purchase your own stick. Pool is such an intriguing sport. The pool is also referred to as billiard and snooker. Online 9 ball pool is being played 24 hours every day by players from throughout the world.

Lucasi pool cue have a tendency to keep on using one for several years.

Don’t plan to use a Coors-type butt if you’re not hustling pool and wish to seem strange and also have a poor cue! In later decades, pool begun to be deemed as a sport. Pool, or pocket billiards” is the American variant of the game and is the most frequently played cue sport in the world these days.

If you aren’t a billiard player or an enthusiast, it isn’t surprising that you’re not too acquainted with the many benefits a snooker game may give. Instead, a player should find the very best pool cue for them. Experienced pool players know that using the proper pool cue can enhance their game.

By having a look at a few of the cues employed by the pros (like the ones found here) you may have the ability to elevate your game and achieve scores and wins you never believed possible. The only means to genuinely be certain you are playing the very best game ever consistently is by making the plunge and paying the bucks to get your very own personal best Pool cue for the money that fits all your gaming requirements. The 8-ball pool game is extremely famous around the world. Online 8 ball pool games are played throughout the world, 24 hours every day.

As always, if you don’t see something you enjoy, be certain to browse our whole assortment of pool cues by brand. Exactly like billiards tables, pool cues are valued for their aesthetic price. In the proper hands, a pool cue can be a real performance machine and improve the breaking and shot ability of the player. Your pool cue sometimes takes a great deal of damage in your vehicle, in your home, and even at your billiard hall so protect it as best as possible. As it’s a 2-piece pool cue its joint is made out of stainless steel so you can strike with it strongly.

A top quality pool cue does not need to be expensive to provide an excellent performance.

The cue weighs 16 ounces, which makes it the perfect pick for a novice player who is searching for a lighter stick to practice with. Snooker cues have a great deal of mystique about them, but when it has to do with playing the game of snooker it’s the player not the cue that produces the difference. Most people are going to be happy with a painted cue (cues are painted black to look like Ebony that’s far more expensive) but you’ll need to select a cue based on your financial plan, how nice you are interested in getting the cue to look and how well you desire the cue to play. If you need a high-performance cue, it’s much better to select an ash one. Very good pool cues are not difficult to find whenever someone knows where to look and they’re going to endure with appropriate appreciation for the sport and equipment maintenance.

No 2 cues could ever feel the exact same as they are created from natural materials and the feel is to the pattern of density throughout the cue. Predator cues are now ever more popular among billiard players in the past several decades. The cue is designed as twopieces, which offers easy transportation and storage once the pool cue isn’t being used. With the improvement of the game, pool cues are available in various characteristics that will reflect on players’ skill level, performance, and style. With hundreds of choices out there and such diverse manufacturers and styles, finding the ideal pool cues can become an overwhelming endeavor. Selecting the ideal pool cues is not rocket science, but additionally it is not something which ought to be taken lightly. Now that you’ve purchased your own pool cue, and hopefully followed a number of the advice from earlier articles before doing this, you’re going to need to manage your investment.

The Virginia State Pool & Billiards Association celebrates The 10th Annual Virginia State 9 Ball Championships!

Hi folks! It is my pleasure to announce that this year will be the 10th Annual Virginia State 9 Ball Championships! It is hard to believe that 10 years has passed since I decided to run an event to showcase the best players the Commonwealth of Virginia has to offer.

Due to some work constraints early this year, I had to delay the event this year to September 14-15. But while I am delaying the event, I am also adding to it.

Last year, we had 64 men and women participate in the field. At the same time, there were 8 additional men on the waiting list. I decided to include them in the field which gave us 64 men and 8 women. It allowed me to pull $500 out of the prize fund and send the top female finisher to the U.S. Open 9 Ball Championships as well as the top 2 Male Finishers. With last years event being as successful as it was in this fashion, I have decided to do the same this year! The field will be open to 64 men and 8 women! If we have a full field of 64 men and 8 women, the top 2 male players and the top female finisher, will have paid entry into the 2013 U.S. Open 9 Ball Championships!

The event will be held, once again, at Diamond Billiards in Midlothian, VA! I cannot say enough about The Dorsey Family and their poolroom. It is a beautiful place and they are always looking at ways to keep their poolroom relevant to new and existing customers. They have graciously added the $1000 for the 2 U.S. Open spots for this year’s event again! I think we can all agree that the pool industry has taken a hit over the last few years, but I can always count on Diamond Billiards to come with the cash!

Here are the details for this years event:

The 10th Annual Virginia State 9 Ball Championships

September 14-15, 2013

Diamond Billiards, Midlothian, VA

Tournament Format
– Race to 9
– Double Elimination
– Texas Express Rules
– Open to all Virginia and DC residents!
– Proof of residency required.

$75 entry fee
To enter, send a money order with your name
and the name of the poolroom you frequent to:
Diamond Billiards
13184 Midlothian Turnpike
Midlothian, VA, 23113
(804) 794-8787

Ask for Thomas, Cindy or Larry for payment options.

One of my goals is to have as many of my previous champions play this year as possible. I have reached out to a few and there are some conflicting schedules and I will miss them dearly at the event this years. To my other previous champions, I hope to see at the tournament!

I am trying to secure additional sponsors to help make this event a little more lucrative for the players. As I have more information to pass along, I will update it here and on other pool and billiard websites

I look forward to seeing all my old friends from around the state and meeting some new friends as well.

Sign ups for the 10th Annual Virginia State 9 Ball Championships are officially open!

Joshua M. Dickerson
Virginia State 9 Ball Championship
Tournament Director & Promoter

Joshua Dickerson

Tournament Director, Promoter & Founder of the Virginia State Pool & Billiards Association

Joshua began playing pool at the age of 15, during the summer of his junior year of high school. He was looking for a movie to watch to cure some summer boredom when he came across the name of a recorded movie that looked interesting to him. He put “The Color of Money” in the VCR and it lit a fire inside Joshua that still burns today. His grandfather, a solid player in his younger days, began to show Joshua the basics of the game. In no time, Joshua surpassed his grandfather’s level and decided that it was time to venture out of the family basement and see what the pool world had to offer. He began playing in different in house leagues around the Richmond area when a friend asked him if he would be interested in joining his BCA Pool League team. Since that time, Joshua has stayed a very solid player in the Richmond BCA Pool League; winning and placing in several sessions.

In 2001, Joshua, along with other pool players in the Richmond area, resurrected the Richmond City Championships. From 2001, Joshua rose to become the Promoter and Head Director of the event; obtaining sponsorship and drawing large crowds to the event. In 2004, Joshua Promoted and Directed his first Virginia State 9 Ball Championships. In each state championship, the field was filled with the best players the Commonwealth of Virginia had to offer and Joshua could not have been more pleased. As the tournament grew in popularity, Joshua had qualifiers established around the state so local players could send representatives to play in the event. Along with this popularity, Joshua was approached by sponsors from within the pool industry and other industries wanting to sponsor the state championship.

In 2008, after years of dedication and being a lifelong student of the game, Joshua won his 8 Ball Division and finished 2nd in the Open 14.1 Division. At this time, he felt it was time to step down from his position with the Richmond City Championships and focus on improving the Virginia State 9 Ball Championships.
In 2010, at the suggestion of his fiancé, Joshua decided to branch out, promote, and direct State Championships in different disciplines of pool. In February of 2010, Joshua ran his first Virginia State 14.1 Championships and plans on holding a State 10 Ball Championship as well as State 1 Pocket Championship along with his 7th Virginia State 9 Ball Championship.
Joshua has had several people help him improve his game; from local instructors like Mike “Tex” Tripp, Bill Windsor and Fred Alley to nationally known instructors like Scott Lee from Bozeman, Montana and Randy Goettlicher from the Pool School in Richardson, Texas.
Joshua plays with a Tim Scruggs Custom Cues and enjoys collecting autographs and billiard memorabilia. He enjoys going to professional events watching the men’s and women’s players. The players he emulates for their solid fundamentals are Nick Varner and Shane van Boening and for their creativity Eddie Taylor and Efren Reyes.

Welcome to VA-Pool.com

The Virginia State Billiards Association is dedicated to the professional promotion of pool and billiards with a focus on events that showcase billiards in high profile and upscale establishments around the great state of Virginia. The events currently being produced include the Virginia State 9-Ball and the Virginia State 10-Ball tournaments.